Trangjan 2023 Outstanding Employee Commendation Conference

Looking back on 2023, our company has created very gratifying results. In addition to the strong support of all colleagues, there is also a group of outstanding employees who are silently dedicated. They are diligent, meticulous in their work, and fight for the company with love and hard work.

Their hard-working and uncomplaining actions illustrate loyalty and responsibility for us. They are dedicated to their jobs and fulfill their duties. They are outstanding employee representatives of the year who are down-to-earth and hard-working.Let’s walk into the most eye-catching outstanding employee awards ceremony of the year! The outstanding employees awarded in 2023 are below :

Dongguan Business Department: Wang Juanjuan
With her rigorous and meticulous work attitude and efficient and accurate business capabilities, she has created extraordinary value in ordinary positions. She closely grasps customer needs and executes them carefully, making the order process smooth and orderly, and every link is accurate, ensuring the smooth development of the company’s business. She actively communicates and coordinates internal and external resources, maintains good interactions with customers and various departments at all times, and effectively promotes the improvement of the company’s business efficiency and service quality. We practice the service concept of “customer first” with practical actions. She is the business department: Wang Juanjuan

Group 2, Course 2: Feng Saifang
She joined the company in 2014 and has been with the company for 9 years. She is practical and diligent at work, showing strong emergency response and coordination skills. She manages the team’s affairs in an orderly manner. Under her leadership, their team has achieved remarkable results. Performance. She treats employees kindly and gets along well with her colleagues. She is a good and competent cadre. She is the production department: Feng Saifang

Group 2, Course 2: Hu Hongyu
She works silently and adheres to her responsibilities in the quality inspection position. Her position is the lifeline of corporate quality and the last line of defense for product quality. She treats every product with a rigorous attitude and professional vision, and does not miss any detail that may affect the quality. We go all out for every inspection and provide our customers with satisfactory answers. She is the production department: Hu Hong

One group of two lessons: Duan Fengzhen
She is a craftsman who works silently in an ordinary position. With a pair of skillful hands, she explains what ingenuity is; she sticks to the front line of production, and every detail and every process is soaked with their wisdom and sweat, and also carries her love and persistence for handicrafts. She is the production department: Duan Fengzhen.

Group 3 of Lesson 2: Huang Dengmei
She holds the tools in hand and cares about quality. Every precise operation is a strict compliance with the process, and every solid terminal carries their work attitude of excellence. Whether facing complex cable structures or heavy work tasks, she uses her solid professional skills and perseverance to ensure that every product can withstand the test of time and use. She interprets the spirit of craftsmanship with practical actions. She is the production department: Huang Dengmei

Group 4 of Lesson 2: Zhou Guijiao
She shoulders the important responsibility of the company’s product quality and is like a loyal guard and quality guardian of the company. They have demonstrated incomparable professionalism and rigorous attitude in their meticulous work, and strictly control every product. Whether it is the source of raw materials or the quality of finished products, they strive to be accurate. Every test they perform is a test of our Adherence to the brand promise is respect for the rights and interests of consumers. She is the production department: Zhou Guijiao

Group 5 of Lesson 2: Huang Liumei
With her rigorous professionalism and selfless work attitude, she has built a strong safety line of defense for the company’s product quality. She uses her sharp eyes to discern every tiny detail and strictly follows testing standards to ensure that every product meets quality requirements and achieves zero error and zero tolerance. With her superb technical skills and keen problem-finding ability, she effectively prevented potential quality risks and effectively guaranteed the company’s product quality reputation and social credibility. She is the production department: Huang Liumei

Shenzhen Business: Wang Meng
She is proactive, conscientious, open-minded and eager to learn, and constantly improves her business skills and qualities. She faces challenges with perseverance. Regardless of adversity and good times, she always maintains high morale and firm confidence, and has helped clients develop one after another. A complex product project. Created a broader product range for the company. She infects every team member with her professional enthusiasm and creates a positive working atmosphere. She is Shenzhen Business Department: Wang Meng

Shenzhen Amazon: Ye Taifeng
With his profound professional knowledge and unique operational strategies, he has opened up a broad market space for our products on the Amazon platform. With his precise data analysis capabilities, he has an insight into consumer needs and formulates product optimization plans that meet market needs, effectively improving product exposure and conversion rates and promoting the company’s continued growth. It has implemented the company’s core values ​​of “innovation-driven, customer first” with practical actions. She is Shenzhen Operations Department: Ye Taifeng

Quality Department: Nie Qiuxiang
She is rigorous and pragmatic and strives for excellence. She is the guardian of quality and always adheres to the last line of defense of product quality. She knows the importance of “quality is the lifeline of an enterprise”. She always maintains a high sense of responsibility and professionalism, strictly abides by various inspection procedures, and eliminates any factors that may affect product quality. With keen professional insight and excellent technical strength, she ensures the high quality standards of factory products. She is the Quality Department: Nie Qiuxiang

Purchasing Department: Qian Gui
As a key role in our company’s supply chain, she not only strictly abides by the procurement process, but is also meticulous in cost control, quality control, etc. She is brave enough to face challenges and is good at communication and coordination, whether it is rapid response to urgent needs, Or the flexibility to adapt to complex situations, all demonstrate extremely high professional standards and service awareness. Actively promote the optimization and upgrading of the supply chain, significantly improving the company’s operational efficiency and core competitiveness. She is the purchasing department: Qian Gui

Engineering Department: Zhang Ying
It is said that women cannot be inferior to men. She is a shining star in the technical research and development team. When faced with technical difficulties, she has shown perseverance and courage and determination to face challenges. She has overcome difficulties countless times and promoted many major projects. successful implementation. She is the Engineering Department: Zhang Ying

Let’s walk into the most eye-catching outstanding employee awards ceremony of the year! Mr. Chen awarded trophies and certificates of honor to our outstanding employees in 2023. Thanks again to all the outstanding employees who won the award! I hope you will not forget your original aspirations, work hard with the company, and witness life’s leaps and bounds again and again.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win, the company sees everyone’s efforts. The company selects outstanding employees of the year in a fair and equitable manner every year. It is hoped that all employees will continue to work hard, continue to promote corporate culture, and contribute their own strength to the success of the company. As long as you are willing to pay, you will definitely be rewarded. We hope we can have more outstanding employees of the year in the coming year.

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