Trangjan 2023 Honorary Employees

They work hard, have a positive attitude, have outstanding abilities and perform well. They not only completed their own jobs, but also actively participated in various activities of the company and made important contributions to the development of the company. They are honorary employees of the company and their names are:

The Hardworking Model Award are: Li Chaoqun, Wu Wei
They are silently working cows, working hard to win everyone’s recognition with their dedication. They take the lead and work day and night but are always meticulous. They never skimp on energy at work, regard ordinary work as a sacred mission, work together in unity, The courage to make progress, the pursuit of excellence, and never being satisfied with the status quo. They show their beautiful youth with a hard-working and enterprising spirit. In them, we find the true meaning of “what is extraordinary”. The employees who won the Struggle Model Award are: Li Chaoqun, Wu Wei

The Best Growth Award are: Kang Xiaotao, Zhang Ying
Since joining the company, they have taken the good image of being studious and motivated as the horizontal axis and the work style of being dedicated to their work as the vertical axis. They have carefully constructed the coordinate chart of their first job in their lives. They have made connections in every detail. Growth, maybe they don’t have quick thinking, but they have the spirit of hard work, maybe they don’t have a solid foundation, but they have the tenacity to improve. They work hard to defeat themselves and never give up. They are not willing to be inferior to others and work hard. The employees who won the Best Growth Award are: Kang Xiaotao, Zhang Ying

The Best Newcomer Award are: Song Jiaojiao, Xiao Baoli
In an era when confidence is more valuable than gold, they have added a bright touch to the company. The Best Newcomer Award is the company’s encouragement to them, and it also expresses the team’s expectations for them and their vision for the company’s future. They are like a handful of Horn, let the ideals and passion be passed down. The employees who won the Best Newcomer Award are: Song Jiaojiao, Xiao Baoli

The Best Management Award are: Nongjian He can make correct decisions quickly, has clear goals and strict plans, and is always well-organized in responsible work. He has a cheerful personality and an upright temper. At work, he understands the general situation and considers the overall situation. In management, he continues to innovate and forge ahead, leads the production department to improve together, and carefully organizes employee mass activities. He not only manages in service, but more importantly, serves in management. He led the entire production department to work diligently and conscientiously, truly “taking the lead and giving sincerely”. The employee who won the Best Management Award is: Nongjianeng

The Best Quality Award is : Yin Dingling
“Details determine success or failure, and diligence creates brilliance.” In the QC inspection position, they promptly discovered problems and reported them back to avoid customer complaints. With a caliper in hand, they blocked thousands of problems and carefully checked the first article and drawings. During transfer During inspection and inspection, the work is completed with quality and quantity. The employee who won the Best Quality Award is: Yin Dingling

The Best Skills Award are : Zhu Liangxing, Huang Zichao
The strong wind knows the strong grass, and the sharp edge of the sword can be sharpened. They learn knowledge and develop skills in various positions, and play a unique role in ordinary jobs. They vigorously promote technological innovation, improve construction schedules, and expand production capacity. They continuously strengthen process improvement, improve management, and reduce costs. They always put responsibility first, have the courage to take on tasks, dare to take responsibility, master the technology skillfully, and complete various tasks excellently. work tasks. The employees who won the Best Skills Award are: Zhu Liangxing, Huang Zichao

The Best Efficiency Award are : Huang Lizhen, Zhou Yunan
They are the best among the front-line employees of production, working silently in their ordinary positions day after day. In the past 2023, they worked diligently and hard, facing heavy production tasks and urgent production needs. Working overtime and working hard without complaint, their output is among the best in the department and they are production experts. The employees who won the Best Efficiency Award are: Huang Lizhen, Zhou Yunan

The Best Proposal Award is: Peng Shengming
Small improvement, big thinking, small improvement, big efficiency. No matter how big or small the improvement is, no matter how much the improvement is, start from yourself and discover the pain points in your work, so that you can find areas that can be optimized and improved. Have a sense of ownership and start from your own Starting from work, she discovers areas for improvement in her work, discovers problems and finds ways to solve them, reduces costs, improves efficiency, and improves quality. Under his leadership, the company’s proposal work is carried out in an orderly manner, focusing on the interests of the company, brainstorming, and working together. , and worked hard to make their own contribution to the company. The employee who won the Best Proposal Award is: Peng Shengming

The sales champion award is: Zhang Huating
She always maintains a positive attitude and interprets the corporate spirit of “customer first, service first” with practical actions. Whether she is meticulous in her daily work or stepping forward at critical moments, she always sticks to her post. It’s all about sales, and performance is your most powerful words. Facing the increasingly fierce competition, she faced the difficulties, broadened her mind, actively explored the market, and overcame one difficulty after another. She constantly refreshed the “performance achievement rate” with hard work and sweat, and created brilliant sales results. The employee who won the Sales Champion Award is: Zhang Huating

The Group Winning Award is: Li Jing
Confidence and flexibility are the first impressions she gives. She demonstrated the power of the team with practical actions and explained the value of collaboration. She won the team’s brilliant victory with her outstanding performance and collective strength. The team she leads is the crystallization of everyone’s wisdom and a model of collaborative operations. She is goal-oriented and works side by side with her team when facing difficulties and challenges. She relies on her perseverance, her work attitude of excellence, and her tacit cooperation among the team to create impressive results. . Her success is not only reflected in the breakthroughs in various business indicators, but also in the growth and development of each team member and the improvement of the entire team’s spiritual outlook. The employee who won the group award is: Li Jing

The Order-taking King Award is : Wang Tingting. The strong wind knows the strong grass, and the fierce fire refines the true gold. Confident and capable are the first impressions she gives people. She has a strong will and the power to face difficulties. Facing the expectations of the company and customers, you swallow tears into your chest and hide the pain in your heart. She crushes every difficulty with actions and courage, and is infectious with confidence and grace. He also inspired others to rely on his will and perseverance, as well as his intelligence and ability, to create outstanding performance one after another and achieve sales targets. Become a benchmark and role model for the entire sales team. Her success is the success of the entire team, and her efforts are recognized and respected by everyone. Her efforts proved her strength to everyone. The employee who won the order-taking king is: Wang Tingting

The Wisdom Star Award is: Wang Bin
He illuminates the way forward with the light of wisdom. He has won the admiration and praise of everyone with his profound ideological insights, keen problem-solving skills, and never-ending spirit of exploration into the unknown world. Each of his innovative breakthroughs is like stars lighting up the night sky, leading us to move forward in technology, academic and other fields. He interpreted the spiritual connotation of “a wise man has no boundaries, has the courage to explore, is good at practice, and is good at innovation” with his practical actions. He used his wisdom to sow hope and inspire others. His existence allows us to see the power of knowledge and the value of wisdom. He is our role model and the “wisdom star” in our hearts. The employee who won the Wisdom Star Award is: Wang Bin

The Best Team Performance Award is: Lin Changhua
She is the manager of the company, the cultivator of the company, and the motivator of the company. With a far-sighted vision, the principle of fairness and justice, and a caring and motivating approach, she provides effective guidance and assistance to the company’s teams and employees. Leading the team to be cohesive and integrated, embracing all rivers and being tolerant, she teaches people how to “fish” and builds a solid team. She upholds the corporate spirit of sharing and sharing responsibilities. No matter what difficulties and challenges she faces, she always adheres to her beliefs, supports each other, and is proactive. Every effort and every collaboration of hers quietly condensed into an indestructible force. Her outstanding performance fully demonstrated the power of teamwork and also interpreted the team concept of “1+1>2” for us.The employee who won the Best Team Performance Award is: Lin Changhua

The Vice President of the General Manager’s Office awards medals, certificates and red envelopes to honorary employees.

Let us once again warmly congratulate the honorary employees in 2023 and hope that you will continue to work hard and shine!

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