TRANGJAN wishes everyone a happy Winter Solstice!

The years are cold and the winter solstice is here. The winter solstice is an important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar. This day is the shortest day and the longest night in the whole year in the northern hemisphere. There is a northern custom of eating dumplings on this day. It is said that eating dumplings means getting rich, bringing abundant wealth, dispelling diseases and cold, and keeping your ears from freezing in the severe winter!

The winter solstice is as big as the New Year, and the world is reunited. In order to celebrate the winter solstice and enhance team cohesion, TRANGJAN specially held a winter solstice event for everyone, and met everyone over a hot soup and delicious meal.

In order to let everyone have the most heart-warming Winter Solstice, the company invites everyone to eat hot dumplings and sweet and glutinous glutinous rice balls and wish everyone a happy Winter Solstice!

Serve a bowl of lucky dumplings and let peace clear the way; abandon all worries, embrace happiness, store the warmth in your heart, and let the cold go away; In the winter solstice, happiness is coming soon, and I wish everyone good fortune.

Serve a bowl of soft and glutinous glutinous rice balls, eat glutinous glutinous rice balls, and have a reunion. The company has prepared a bowl of soft, glutinous and sweet glutinous rice balls for everyone.

Caring does not start today, and blessings do not end today. The most sincere blessings and the warmest care reach their peak with the advent of the Winter Solstice today. A plate of dumplings expresses true feelings, and a bowl of glutinous rice balls brings reunion. TRANGJAN wishes everyone a happy Winter Solstice!

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