Trangjan celebrates the Christmas Day

Giving you a Christmas tree, the stars on the tree remembers my wish, wish you health and peace! Giving you a Christmas card, the words on the card brings my message, wish you good luck!
Today is Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day is the traditional day in western countries, just like our Chinese Spring Festival.
Trangjan holds Christmas gift exchange on the 4th floor in company. Everyone hands over their elegant gifts to HR department colleagues when they come to company in the morning, and HR colleagues number every gift. Looking at the elegant gifts, some gifts are affixed cards, and some are wrote blessing words, these gifts are expressing the wishing to each other.

At 5:00pm, the mystery and expecting activity has begun, all colleagues are gathering on the 4th floor.
One big Chrismas tree was already put on the front desk in our 4th floor, the LED strings is flicking like the stars blinking.
HR department colleague carries the lottery box and have every colleague draw lots one by one, the number on the tag represent the number on gift. Everybody feels surprise and excited when they open the gift.

Through this Christmas activity, express the good wishes among the colleagues, enhance the vitality of our team and shorten the distance each other, and also demonstrate the cohesion of the company’s team.

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