Trangjan Annual Thanksgiving Feast and 15th Anniversary Celebration

On January 20, 2024, Trangjan’s annual thanksgiving feast and the 15th anniversary celebration of the group company finally ended successfully amidst everyone’s expectations. This ceremony took a lot of time from event planning, preparation, dance rehearsal, prop production, etc. although things are trivial and tiring, is more about harvest and growth. In this grand ceremony, everyone collaborated with each other and performed their respective duties, making a huge contribution to the smooth development of the party and allowing us to fully feel the strength of the team.

At this grand ceremony, all employees gathered together to recall every bit of their hard work in 2023, rewarded outstanding employees and honorary employees in 2023, expressed gratitude to partners, and all employees performed colorful artistic performances. A lucky draw was held and a balloon stepping game was held. Everyone had an unforgettable ceremony with joy and joy. Next, let us lead you to review every detail of this ceremony.

Our logistics staff arrived at the Qiandao Seafood Restaurant and delivered all the materials needed for the annual meeting and arranged the internal and external venues. Organized row by row .

Our staff entered the venue one after another

Guiding partners to sign in and distribute souvenirs to sit down.

The dinner officially started. The company’s 2023 video was played at the dinner, allowing participants to recall what they had experienced together, and every bit of the past was in front of their eyes.

The four hosts took the stage, and the 2023 annual meeting ceremony officially began!

Show Time one: “Lion Dance” The two lions are ready, and there are two little lions behind them. They are really cute and cute.

As soon as the golden drum sounds, thousands of taels of gold are produced, and the auspicious lion dances, which means bringing good luck and happiness to the audience and friends at the scene!

A group of cute big lions and little lions interacted with the audience and friends in the audience, making everyone laugh! A prosperous “Lion Dance” brought auspiciousness and joy to everyone, and also kicked off the entire party.

Mr. Chen, General Manager of Trangajn Group delivered a speech : Mr. Chen’s sincere, warm and powerful speech conveyed full power to us. I believe that under the correct leadership of the general manager, we will continue to work hard, forge ahead, and continuously create new brilliance!

Show Time Two: Dance “Happy Years”
The production department has worked hard to bring you such a festive, healthy and energetic dance, and we applaud you!

Draw 4th prize:
Tonight’s first lottery, the first round of drawing, the lucky “Fourth Prize”

Show Time Three : “Face Changing Sichuan Opera” If you don’t know the true face of Mount Lu, you will see endless changes in its appearance. The face-changing performers shook hands and interacted with the audience, and demonstrated 8 face-changing techniques to the audience. They were accurate, fast, beautiful and handsome, and the audience applauded in admiration.

The face-changing performer also gave everyone a magic show, conjuring 2 roses and giving them to friends present.

2023 Outstanding Employee Recognition Awards:
This is a much-anticipated awards ceremony. The “2023 Outstanding Employee Commendation Conference” is held for those outstanding employee representatives of the year who are silently dedicated, diligent, dedicated to their jobs, dedicated to their duties, and hard-working. Mr. Chen from the General Manager Office awarded trophies and honorary certificates to our outstanding employees in 2023. (Photograph taken after award presentation)

Show Time Four : Song “Your Answer”
More romance surges in the depths of destiny, dreams break ground and grow more answers, taking you through the darkness and finding the direction of light. The two of you brought you a very inspirational song “Your Answer”.

2023 Honorary Employees: During this year’s honorary employee awards ceremony, the Vice President of the General Manager’s Office awarded trophies and honorary certificates to our honorary employees. (Photograph taken after award presentation)

2023 fourth quarter performance award ceremony:
Next, we will witness the glorious moment of performance rewards in the fourth quarter of 2023. Mr. Chen awarded the honor to those teams and individuals that were the best in the fourth quarter performance. They are our role models and we are proud of them.

Draw 3rd prize:
It‘s time for the exciting draw again, draw the “Third Prize”

Show Time Five : Dance “Blue and White Porcelain”
The music is in various forms due to the dance, and the small blue and white porcelain condenses the traditional Chinese culture. It also outlines the hazy Jiangnan ink landscape painting. A group of graceful beauties holding oil-paper umbrellas are slowly walking toward us.

Draw 2nd prize:
Lucky 2nd prize will be drawn in this round

Game interaction:
The interactive game of stepping on balloons during a song increases the fun and participation of the game, allowing employees to actively participate and enjoy the collective atmosphere of joy. Small gifts were also given to the winning group.

Partner awards:
Next we enter the award ceremony for outstanding partners. Salute to all friends who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Trangjan! Thank you to all partners for your hard work and support. We awarded the following awards:
Strategic Partner Award
Excellent Quality Award
Promise Keeping Award
Excellent Service Award Excellent Partner Award
Outstanding Partner Award

Once again, we would like to express my gratitude and thank you all for your long-term support to Chuangguan Group. In the future development, Trangjan Group sincerely hopes to embrace new opportunities with all partners. In-depth cooperation on products, technology, data and services. Jointly establish a strategic cooperative relationship of long-term trust, common growth, and mutual friendship.

Show Time Six : Dance “Love You at 105 Degrees”
Only love can withstand the long years. May you be your own sun without relying on anyone else’s light. A youthful and energetic dance brings joy to everyone!

Draw 1st Prize:
Let’s see who wins the first prize!

Show Time Seven : “Shake Dance”
There are some comrades in our company who follow the trend closely. The Shenzhen Marketing Department brings us the most popular dance skewer this year. I believe everyone knows the most popular dance this year. This “current trend” has gradually aroused everyone’s resonance

Draw special prizes:
Congratulations to the luckiest grand prize winner tonight for winning a 2,088 yuan cash red envelope. I hope you can continue this luck and happiness in 2024.

Show Time Eight : Song “Tomorrow Will Be Better”
No matter how difficult it is today, I believe that tomorrow will give us more opportunities and good luck. Let us join hands to welcome the new year and tomorrow will be better.

Thank you to all colleagues for your active participation! In order to express our gratitude to all the performers, the company has specially prepared a prize for everyone. Please come on stage in an orderly manner and receive your prizes!

Distribute lucky prizes: Air-conditioned quilts, and distribute New Year gifts to employees: a box of oranges!

The moment of glory belongs to everyone who persists! The 2023 Annual Meeting Ceremony of Chuangguan has come to a successful conclusion. I wish you all a happy New Year and see you again next year !

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