Usb Console Cable USB to RJ45

  • Model : DLP-004
  • this console cable is to help those who have a PC or laptop and want to use a USB connection to connect the console port with their Cisco modem,router,firewall,switch or other serial based Cisco device. This is the exact cable to solve such problem.
  • Chip: FTDI232RL+ZT213LEEA. The cable adopts the UK original imported FTDI company FT232RL chip, which is currently the best serial chip with compatibility and stability, and is compatible with the machine console of all major brands.
  • directly the Cisco console port connect to the rj45 port,then Connect the USB port to your laptop. so easy use
  • Replaces RS232 (DB-25/DB-9) serial port perfectly, connecting any laptop/PC’s USB port directly to a console port like a charm. No more RS232 Female and male adapters.


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