ECG electrode wire manufacturer

Model: Trangjan-001
Cable specification
①φ3.5mm electrode buckle
②35P plug material PVC black 35P plug material PVC red color PE 7144
③φ1.8 16/0.1TC pure copper CABLE
④ Lable: Can paste the description information
⑤ ROHS RACEH California 65 environmental protection standard


1. P1 end peeled 15±1mm, P2 peeled 3mm. P3 peeled 3mm
2. P1 P2 P3 all need to be dipped in tin before soldering
3. Use heat shrink tube to protect Soldered DC plug of the grounding at P1 end. P2, P3 end are directly welded to the related connector
4. After welding and then test T1. Please refer to the previous description for test parameters
5. Injection molding P1 P2 P3 test T2


1. Button SR lifting weight (3kg): ≥ 1 minute
2. Wire and button holding force: ≥5.0kgf

Testing requirements

1.a.100% conduction, short circuit, open circuit, dislocation, dielectric withstand voltage test
b. Insulation resistance: ≥20MΩ, DC 300V, 0.01S
c. On-resistance: ≤2Ω
d. Withstand voltage: AC 350V I: 1mA T: 0.1S
2. Instantaneous short circuit test time ≥ 3 seconds


1. Bundle the single cable by PVC mini tie
2. The product is packaged in a PE self-sealing bag with a vent hole, the bag size is 200*300mm, and the thickness is 0.3mm
3. waterproof and dustproof function and packed the products into a large waterproof PE bag of L800MM*W700MM (open end) *T0.04MM transparent color
4. Using medium outer carton K=K
Carton Size: 450MM*320MM*200MM


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