Approaching card finder

The exquisite design is as thin as a cicada’s wings, with a 30 month long standby time. It is officially certified by Apple as the Apple FindMy. This is a technological innovation in the history of the Global Positioning Search anti loss series, and it is also the fundamental guarantee for this anti loss device to occupy a place in the market and win customer reputation.

To fully understand anti loss devices, it is necessary to first clarify two questions: what is the Findmy network and how it works.

I believe many people know that Findmy Network is a network launched by Apple to help users find lost items. It can be used on all devices without being limited by online status, and can still be used offline. The working principle of the Findmy network is to first send a Bluetooth signal from a hardware device that supports the Findmy network, which is detected by nearby Apple devices. These devices then send the location of the hardware device that sends the signal to iCloud, and finally see it on the map of the Findmy app. The entire process is anonymously encrypted, without worrying about battery life or data consumption.

And the superior performance of this card type anti loss device is not only limited to this, it uses space aluminum+explosion-proof tempered glass material, with a hard texture and exquisite appearance. Compared with other types of anti loss devices on the market, they can be used for free without downloading apps. It should be noted that downloading a variety of apps is a headache for many users. The AirTag chip greatly enhances its compatibility and supports the Android version of the FindEasy App, with a wider range of applications. Its presence can be seen everywhere in parks, subways, bus stops, gyms, and more.

As a consumer product, it is rare to have a standby time of up to 30 months. The ultra long standby time can not only meet the needs of fragmented time, but also meet the needs of users for long-term business trips, going abroad, and traveling, making up for many regrets caused by device power failure.

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